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Women's Health herbal medicine workshop.

Tea Ritual - Explanation about ritual and how to prepare herbal tea in a therapeutic way.

Difference between flowers, leaves, berries and roo and Volatile oil.Difference between all types of tea, therapeutic dose and liquid herbs (tincture, tablets or capsules).

Your Womb is your Sacred portal that holds your true power.

Sacred Womb Meditation and explanations about Herbs to support female reproductive system and emotions around our second heart (Our uterus).

Connection with the menstrual Moon cycle and different phases, heal the womb, memories, self care, spiritual growth and empowerment.

Tantra workshop for all genders (Level 1, 2, 3)

Exploring the world of Tantra from modern to ancient practices.


In each level we will go deeper from Breath work, intimacy, meditation and massage. 

Workshop goes from 3 to 5 hours.

Kind Words

Thais is a great teacher and all throughout the workshop she made us feel comfortable and respected. I felt I could share my vulnerability and still feel honoured and loved. The way she related to us was so natural and it was truly a wonderful experience, also knowing that most women have similar experiences when it comes to feeling shame around organsm and sexuality.  Doing her workshop has changed the way I feel about my own body. It changed the relationship to my sexuality and I now feel more confident with my partner in the bedroom, the lounge room, in the kitchen and the backseat of the car!  I will forever be grateful for such a gift in my life and in my relationship. Thais has changed me from a prude to loving my nude!"

— Hilde, 47, Life coach.

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