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Herbal Medicine.

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Naturotantra Consultations

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Bach Flowers

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Welcome to Naturotantra!
Is a technique that was created by me by merging the two worlds that I have studied and experienced.

Naturopathy and Tantra -  Sacred Sexuality and Health Sciences.

My Qualifications in Health science, Cellular Nutrition, Herbal medicine, Flower essence, combined with Ancient Tantric Practices, Sacred sexuality, Reiki and Shamanism, are all my tools for your healing journey back to your body. 
As a Master Tantric Practitioner my work is to guide you back into connection with your body and sexuality, in a sacred way. We work together to help you feel grounded and safe in your physical body.

This includes learning how to embrace your body's changing needs and becoming more loving in how you relate to yourself, throughout the shifting seasons of your life.
In your sessions with me, we will explore all your health related and physical issues, from Fertility to Menopause, your libido and fluxing energy levels, the often disconnected reality to self and the sacredness within, maybe there is an inability to orgasm, or belief systems affecting the sexual dynamic in a partnership, like assuming that sex is a Duty!! 
The practical tools I use, combining health sciences and spirituality, will help you manifest optimal health in your body, mind, and soul.

In my personal experience, these are the essential ingredients for an orgasmic way of living.


Kind Words

"We invited Thais (Mamma Tata) to be a surprise entertainer and tantric lesson at my sisters ‘Hens party’ so no one knew she was coming except for the bridesmaids. She was amazing and a massive hit with everyone! She was down to earth and relatable. The session really broke the ice with everyone not knowing each other. 
It was a mixture of discussions and exercises that had us both meditating and then in hysterics of laughter seeing the reactions of some of the ladies faces who had their mothers in the room. 
She also gave a gift to the Hen at the end which I thought was a lovely touch to finish off. 
Everyone is still raving on as to how much fun they had and the Hen absolutely loved it. I highly recommend Thais and would do it all over again! Thank you again!! "

— Melissa 

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Let's get in touch.

I would love to hear from you! Whether you’re looking to book an appointment or maybe you have a question, suggestion, or just want to get in touch for another reason. Please fill out the form below, and I will get in touch as soon as possible!

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