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Rebirth Retreat

The retreat programs always include self knowledge workshops, Herbal medicine Workshop daily yoga classes, women circle, Cacao Ceremony, dance, art, gardening, plus Tantric Active meditation, mindfulness, self care or nutrition.

A long weekend to connect to self and rebirth - 3 days immersed in Nature surrounded by Like Minded people. (Locations to be confirmed in NSW and QLD)

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Kind Words

"We invited Thais (Mamma Tata) to be a surprise entertainer and tantric lesson at my sisters ‘Hens party’ so no one knew she was coming except for the bridesmaids. She was amazing and a massive hit with everyone! She was down to earth and relatable. The session really broke the ice with everyone not knowing each other. 
It was a mixture of discussions and exercises that had us both meditating and then in hysterics of laughter seeing the reactions of some of the ladies faces who had their mothers in the room. 
She also gave a gift to the Hen at the end which I thought was a lovely touch to finish off. 
Everyone is still raving on as to how much fun they had and the Hen absolutely loved it. I highly recommend Thais and would do it all over again! Thank you again!!"

— Melissa

Tantric woman’s BIRTHDAY celebration.

Hens gathering night to celebrate your special day!! 


Long ago the ancient feminine wisdom was passed down from woman to woman in women’s temple of learning.
It’s time to develop these traditions again!!

When a woman gets Together we create miracles and together we heal generations..

What will be offered in these gatherings?


    ⁃    A little history of Tantra and the ‘lingo’ behind this ancient practice. 
   ⁃    Experiencing hip movements and dance as a way of connecting with your sensuality and sexuality in a Joyous enlivening celebration!
   ⁃    Discover and channel the healing powers of the feminine Goddess essence - clearing negative conditioning and expanding your sexual potentials. 
   ⁃    Learn ancient Goddess secrets to increase yours and your partners sensual and orgasmic pleasures. 
   ⁃    Learn tantric massage tips to expand your pleasure. 
   ⁃    Learn tantric massage tips to expand His/her pleasure. 
   ⁃    Goddess blessing for the birthday girl, bride or a collective blessing depending on the event topic.

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