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Tantric Sessions

The Tantra journey will invite you to slow down, come into more presence and create an integration of heart, sexuality and soul. It is a path of expansion (the word Tantra in Sanskrit means “to Expand”) and inner radiance, it includes our whole being and invites us into new ways of connecting authentically with ourselves and others.

Your newfound connection with yourself, will allow you to experience life and relationships on a deeper level.

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What you are invited to explore in your sessions.

⁃ How to be in intimacy with your own body.
⁃ How you can create more pleasure and how to expand into sexual energy and deeper, full body orgasms.
⁃ Become more conscious of your body and how you express yourself.
⁃ Heal any sexual dysfunction. This may be an inability to orgasm, painful intercourse, and healing from sexual trauma.
⁃ Become sexually empowered.
⁃ Increase your libido, self-esteem, and practice self love.
⁃ Rectify any hormonal imbalances in your body.

The tools we use can be:

Tantric meditation
- Yoni massage / Yoni anatomy
- Yoni egg - energetic healing
- Self pleasure Journey
- Closing bone ceremony
- Full body sensitive massage with guided meditation.

How to book:

Your will need to book an initial consultation whether or not you have seen Mamma Tata in the last 6 months. 
All Consultations can be online or face to face. (Depending on Convid regulations)*



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Initial Tantric (sacred sexuality) Session.

  • Your first session will take about 90 minutes. I want to get to know you as a person and also understand what brings you to Tantra, just like any other Therapy. 

  • Subsequent sessions are tailored specifically for your needs.

Value 1hr ½ :

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Initial Tantra Session for Couples
(all genders)

  • I encourage each individual to have one initial session separately, to better establish where they're at on this journey.

  • The first session as a Couple will take 2hrs, where I get to know you as a couple and your interaction together, and also understand what brings you to Tantra, just like any other Therapy.

  • The others sessions will be tailored according to your needs.

Value 2h session::

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Tantric Therapy Package for singles (3mths commitment)

  • Initial consultation (90 mins)

  • 2 x follow up consultations (90 mins each)

  • Customized exercises and/or meditations 

  • Email check-in once per fortnight 

  • 1 x Bach Flower remedy.

Package Value:

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