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The First consultation will take 2hrs so we can establish the priorities.
From physical level to emotional state.
The decision is made organically and we will do together intuitively. 

After that will create your program that can vary from health plan, supplementation or some kind of tantric meditation, yoni steam, yoni egg therapy, closing bone ceremony and Yoni massage.

There are many tools to be used and they are all chosen individually depending on your journey and your story. 

The Next session should be within 2 to 3 weeks max so we can continue the treatment without losing the focus and the energy created. 

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Your first visit will be 1.5 hours, where I asses your health history and current situation. It includes an exploration of your diet, lifestyle, stress levels, as well as environmental factors and your family members health. I may also do a physical examination which includes analysis of your hair, skin and nails, tongue and your blood pressure. This may also include a clinical and/or laboratory functional testing.

How to book:

Your will need to book an initial consultation whether or not you have seen Mamma Tata in the last 6 months. 
All Consultations can be online or face to face. (Depending on Convid regulations)*


Stone Mortar and Pestle

Naturotantra Consultation


  • First consult of 90min.

  • 1 customized plan and or exercises and meditation all created according to each session.

  • Tailored Bach flowers remedy. (postage not included)

Value :

Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 1.56.14 pm.png

Naturotantra 3 individual sessions package:

To be used within 2 months. 

It includes: 

  • 1 initial consult (75min) 

  • 2 return consult (40min) 

  • 1 customized plan that may include meal plan with a comprehensive diet analyses about the supplements and or herbs of choice, meditation and or exercises according to your needs. 

  • 1 back flower remedy tailored made. 

Payment plan avail 

Package Value:

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