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Herbal Medicine.

Naturopathy is a system of health care where the practitioner (naturopath) focus' on the whole person in order to discover the cause(s) of dis-ease, rather than just treating symptoms. 
In Naturopathy we also incorporate the use of cellular nutrition and herbal medicine


Thais Says:

“The individual’s physical and emotional health must be evaluated, and any new food ideas, herbal medicines and nutritional supplements should be supported with lifestyle changes to achieve long-term health benefits. 

In encouraging people to trust their body's ability to heal providing we give it the right ingredients. We must get to the root cause of an issue to heal in a holistic way, rather than provide a 'band-aid' solution (which is what the western medicine approach does). This means employing evidence based medicine and treatments alongside traditional herbal and holistic therapies. 

I believe in a collaborative approach. The patient and myself agree on some achievable lifestyle changes and work out how to integrate them into everyday life...  but, the responsibility is still ultimately with you, I can open this new door for you, but I can't make you walk through it. Working in a WHOLE-listic and ethical way is always my priority".

Image by Katherine Hanlon

Your first visit will be 1.5 hours, where I asses your health history and current situation. It includes an exploration of your diet, lifestyle, stress levels, as well as environmental factors and your family members health. I may also do a physical examination which includes analysis of your hair, skin and nails, tongue and your blood pressure. This may also include a clinical and/or laboratory functional testing.

How to book:

Your will need to book an initial consultation whether or not you have seen Mamma Tata in the last 6 months. 
All Consultations can be online or face to face. (Depending on Convid regulations)*



Stone Mortar and Pestle

Initial Naturopathic consultation package:

  • Initial consultation (75 mins) 

  • Detailed health plan 

  • Diet analysis with a comprehensive report. 

  • Customized meal plan 

  • Follow up consultation (30 mins)


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3 Months Health Package:

  • Initial consultation (75 mins) 

  • Detailed health plan 

  • Diet analysis which we will revise as needed

  • Customized meal plan

  • Fortnightly email check-in

  • 3 follow up consultations (3 x 40 mins) 

  • Tailored Bach Flower remedy with 2 refills.


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Short Follow Up Naturopathic Consultation:

  • This is a 30 minute 'emergency' consultation only for Adults, where we add treatment methods for acute illnesses (also referred to as detox symptoms) that sometimes pop up as part of the healing mechanisms of the body. It can be a simple cold or a flu.

Value 30min:

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